Adam Archuleta, Andrei Karenin and Jeroen Mondrian

This update features Adam, Andrei & Jeroen in a scene from BelAmi‘s major production in Greece. This time it is an Al Fresco, Mediterranean 3way with Adam Archuleta, Andrei Karenin and Jeroen Mondrian. This is a scene of classical BelAmi beauty, the joy and exuberance of youth, and the guilt free beauty of making love under the sun. Adam, Andrei & Jeroen are amongst the BelAmi stars who were originally featured on the website, but you can now see them featured in this and other scenes at CLICK HERE to subscribe now for full access.

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen1

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen4

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen10

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen11

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen12

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen13

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen15

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen19

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen24

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen28

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen31

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen37

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen38

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen41

Adam, Andrei & Jeroen42


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