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Scandal In The Vatican 2 – Grand Finale

This is the final scene in Bel Ami’s Scandal In The Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guard series. It’s a hot 4way with Kevin Warhol and Claude Sorel fucking super hot Swiss Guards Marcel Gassion and Hoyt Kogan. Brother Massimo completes the horny covenant and procures for Kevin Warhol and Claude Sorel two heavenly Guardsmen so graced with sexy perfection as to have you believing in miracles- Guardsmen Seduttori and Dissoto, played by Hoyt Kogan...


Scandal In The Vatican 2

Scandal In The Vatican 2 is BelAmi‘s most controversial release in years. George Duroy is set to shock audiences with BelAmi‘s blockbuster movie of the year inspired by real life scandals that have plagued the holy city of the Vatican where the film was shot on location. Scandal In The Vatican 2 parodies the news made public a few years ago of a “Gay romance with a Swiss soldier” in the Vatican. Shortly after the...


BelAmi Models – More Than Just Porn Stars

BelAmi is famous as a gay porn site but besides their work for BelAmi their models are increasingly in demand to do some work in the fashion industry. One of their last co-productions is with Addicted. Now you can see stunning pictures and promotional videos of Kris Evans, Hoyt Kogan and Kevin Warhol throughout the internet. Here is just a sample of their work. You can see more photos and buy the products they are...