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Jack Harrer & Joel Birkin

As a special update for BelAmi fans GDuroy has put a couple of his KinkyAngels in front of the camera together. Jack Harrer and Joel Birkin have been establishing quite a bit of a rapport over on and now BelAmi is able to bring the complete photo set and video to you exclusively at BelAmiOnline! Join today to see all the updates as they are published. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF JACK HARRER AND JOEL BIRKIN

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Gino Mosca & Roald Ekberg

This update see the introduction of another BelAmi newcomer and his name is Roald Ekberg. This very handsome and polite blonde beauty was paired with stunning dark and handsome Gino Mosca. This scene was filmed in South Africa and maybe it was the heat of the African summer but this scene got really wild. Roald ends up receiving Gino’s thick dick in every which way possible in Roald’s spectacular debut exclusively at CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF GINO MOSCA AND ROALD EKBERG

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Rhys Jagger & Kris Evans

This update is the Grand Finale of the Fucking Kris series. Rhys Jagger joins Kris Evans in this flip flop scene and BelAmi fans maybe surprised to see Rhys Jagger outshine Kris Evans in the cum spurting department, but there is a very ‘explosive’ finish to the first part of the scene. See the full Fucking Kris series exclusively at Click to join NOW. See regular updates of the hottest guys online. You can now chat LIVE to Rhys Jagger on his webcam at Flirt4Free – click here to visit his webcam. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF...

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Marc Ruffalo & Rocco Alfieri

The exercise routines of BelAmi models vary from season to season and in the warmer months a lot of the guys take to running in the mornings. This update features Rocco Alfieri and Marc Ruffalo just as they finish their morning run and as always they still have plenty of excess energy that needs burning off. See how they handle it in this sweaty after workout condom free sex scene now playing only at BelAmiOnline. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF MARC RUFFALO AND ROCCO ALFIERI

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Brandon Manilow & Kris Evans

Kris Evans and Brandon Manilow are two of BelAmi‘s most famous stars and this scene between the two of them was saved by GDuroy for a special occasion. Well that occasion has arrived! This scene starts with some innocent after gym time between two friends but turns out to be much more. Kris Evans appears nervous but Brandon Manilow takes the lead and instantly takes Kris’ shyness and his clothes away. After some hot kissing and sucking of each others big uncut dicks, Brandon finally bends Kris over and gives him what he and BelAmi fans have been waiting for!...

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Andrei Karenin & Jason Clark

Having bodies as great as Jason Clark and Andrei Karenin isn’t just a matter of having good genes, most of the BelAmi guys enjoy working out, playing sports and eating healthily to maintain their toned physiques. These two athletic buddies choose to go running. Note this is one of the rare times we see Jason Clark without glasses. To be fair it is hard to wear glasses when the wild action starts in the shower and continues into the bedroom. These two really go at in this explosive duo scene! See the full scene and much more, with daily updates...

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DVD Special Offer – 4 for $99/€79

Why not treat yourself or a loved one to some BelAmi DVDs, for Christmas and the New Year. CLICK HERE to buy 4 DVD for $99 or €79. This special offer is only available until January 19th and while stocks last.

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Florian Nemec & Harris Hilton

Florian Nemec and Harris Hilton are both BelAmi stars from Hungary. One day they just went to visit the Budapest office and this was the result. Slow undressing, soft kissing and finally hot fucking. Harris is happy to please Florian’s needs and show him how well he can bottom for such a nice thick tool. Watch this sexy scene between two of BelAmi‘s Hungarian models now playing only at CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF FLORIAN NEMEC AND HARRIS HILTON

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Sex City 1 with Dolph & Dario

Bel Ami Models Dolph Lambert and Dario Dolce suck each other’s uncut cocks in the shower. Dario then gives Dolph’s ass a deep rimming before filling his ass with condomless cock. Then Dolph takes his turn fucking Dario, and both men unload their balls! See the full scene at Sex City 1 was made by Kristen Bjorn in partnership with Bel Ami. You can buy the individual scene or take out a membership. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF DOLPH LAMBERT & DARIO DOLCE IN SEX CITY 1 See below the trailer to Sex City 1 from Kristen Bjorn....

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Jim Kerouac tops Colin & Phillipe

In this scene Jim Kerouac is the lucky top who gets the change to fuck both Colin Hewitt and Phillipe Gaudin at one time. It was filmed at the time when Austin Merrick and Mick Lovell and Alex Waters visited BelAmi from the US. As often happens, Phillipe and Colin are comparing their experiences with each of the American guys and explaining which of them are their favourites. Just as all their memories of the guys they have made love to is starting to make them horny in comes Jim to remind them that sometimes the sexiest of guys are...

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Jean-Daniel Chagall & Jason Clark

Bel Ami‘s bespectacled Hungarian, Jason Clark, is back in this night scene with Jean-Daniel Chagall. This night scene was filmed in their Budapest studio and like all of their night scenes it presents it own specific atmosphere and brings a unique feeling to the scene that you can’t find anywhere else! It’s obvious in this scene that Jason Clark is a great kisser and he is willing to satisfy Jean-Daniel Chagall in every way possible. After some sensual love making both guys deliver a big load right in each others mouth! See the full scene and much much more exclusively...

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Kevin Warhol fucks Kris Evans

This update stars Bel Ami‘s Kris Evans with Kevin Warhol in a romantic scene full of passion and kissing that sees the smaller Kevin top the muscular Kris bareback! Kevin assumes the role of top confidently and decisively as he goes at Kris energetically. Watch as Kevin shows that you don’t have to be big and muscular to be a great top as he fucks Kris good in this super passionate 5 star scene. Completing the series of special scenes is a 4-way starring Kris, Kevin, Dylan and Marcel. This time Kris isn’t bottoming, instead, Kevin delivers him two bottoms...

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Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer

This scene starts with an innocent solo featuring Bel Ami‘s Brian Jovovich but after a little while there is a surprise for Brian, as Jack Harrer has slipped into the room while Brian was busy jerking his dick. Both guys are very physically matched with toned bodies sandy hair and nice big dicks, Jack with shaved balls and Brian au naturel. With these 2 versatile performers it could be anyones guess as to who is the bottom but on this occasion it’s Brian that is the lucky recipient of Jack’s dick. Watch how he takes it only at BelAmiOnline and...

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Jim Kerouac & Julien Hussey

This is a Hungarian update with Jim Kerouac and Julien Hussey filmed in Bel Ami‘s Budapest studio by Lukas Ridgeston and Eliot Klein towards the end of their time shooting with condoms on a regular basis. Sweet toothed Julien Hussey is enjoying some chocolate liqueur and reminiscing about the last time he was fucked by Jim Kerouac, apparently such a good experience that he is very eager to repeat the encounter in front of the camera for us. See all the action and get daily updates exclusively at! CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS OF JIM KEROUAC & JULIEN HUSSEY

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Kris Evans, Adam & Jean-Daniel

Kris Evans takes turns topping Jean-Daniel Chagall and Adam Archuleta bareback in an explosive scene that ends with epic cum shots that BelAmi is known for. As Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel Chagall have fantastically toned bodies BelAmi decided to showcase their physiques as intro to the action where you can see the guys flexing and showing off at the same beautiful outdoor location where the 24 model bareback orgy was filmed last year. If anything is worthy enough to follow that it would be this 5 star scene! Then Jean-Daniel Chagall and Adam Archuleta take turns topping Kris...

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Kris Evans & Rhys Jagger

This update features Bel Ami‘s Adonis and superstar Kris Evans with one of hottest newcomers of the year, Rhys Jagger, in a photo-session video and a side-by-side jerk off video that can only be described as simply perfect. These two beautiful men compliment each others perfectly sculpted physiques as they are seen frolicking around outside, playing in an outdoor shower while making out and exploring each others bodies before sitting down side by side and stroking their perfect cocks and exploding on each other in a classic Bel Ami style. See the full video and daily updates only at