Trevor & Jack – Vatican Scandal

The Scandal in the Vatican continues. Jack Harrer draws the long straw and wins the prize of who is going to get fucked by Trevor Yates. The rest of the Kinky Angels scamper away to go in search of their own scandal while Trevor and Jack get down to action themselves. Jack so enjoys this experience he comes 3 times while being fucked by Trevor. See what all the scandal is about exclusively at!


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  1. Steve says:

    Why is the sex with the models at BelAmionline So tame? I mean, the Top boys rarely go DEEP when they are inside a Bottom. It looks like they’re just getting the tip or just the head of the penis inside the bottom’s asshole. I’m glad BelAmi Finally started filming bareback a few years ago but the sex at BelAmi is Still a little tame & weak. I’d love to see a lot more intense, passionate, hard, rough & yet loving sex between the models. Also, it would be nice to know a little truths about the models. Like, if they’re really Gay or Straight in their real everyday lives. Also, when exactly the sex scenes were actually filmed. As I understand it, some of the sex scenes could’ve been filmed 1-2 years before they are actually released on the BelAmi website. And let the fans know when a model has left BelAmi permanently for good. Like have a Send Off or Goodbye scene letting BelAmi fans know when a model has left & ended his stay or tenure at the BelAmi Studios. I hope my comments reach someone at the BelAmi studios. Oh, one more thing, Please show much more of my all time favorite BelAmi boy, Jack Harrer. I’d really love to know what his real name is & if he’ll ever come to NYC, USA or California, USA. Thank you. Steve from NYC

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