Tim Hamilton – Life After BelAmi

Tim Hamilton Aug 2012

One of the original big stars of BelAmi was Tim Hamilton played by actor David, but as we all know the shelf life of most of the BelAmi Models is limited and life for the guys goes on. David has kindly given us permission to share with you some of his news and photos. Since leaving BelAmi he has continued to work as an actor and director, keeping in shape and enjoying life in Praha. During the last 12 months he has also enjoyed spending time in Rhodes, Egypt, Dubai and London. We hope to bring you more from David in the months ahead and if you have a question for him, add a comment, we’ll publish the replies in a future post.

Tim Hamilton June 2012Tim Hamilton June 2012Tim Hamilton May 2012

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4 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    WOW Tim looking hot man, loved all your work. Who did you enjoy working with most and least? Best memories of your days with BelAmi please? Jim

    • "Tim Hamilton" says:

      Hi Hi and thank you for nize words.

      Danny of course, and we are still great friends. Lukas. Such a good person, and fun. Perfect body, and still such a sexy guy. And my real life friend and gym-mate Jon, the blond guy I did scenes with as Noah Aniston.

  2. Ricco says:

    Heya Tim,

    Are you still working in the adult entertainment industry? Are we likely to see you in any more videos, or video chat hosting, or are you available as an escort? I am sure like many of guys here we want to see more of you. hugs Ricco

  3. Tim says:

    Come see my new website and join. Fotos, new things every day, NEW videos, very sexy, lots more !

    I love my friends and fans.

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